Insurance Requirements



The insurance policy must show all-risk replacement cost coverage for equipment rented from others, including in transit and at various locations (NOTE: this coverage is usually not included in General Property Insurance, but is specific to an Inland Marine, or Special Producers policy). There is not a set minimum amount of equipment coverage, however, coverage must always match the actual value of equipment being rented.


Fly Over Rentals customers must provide a valid certificate of insurance. A valid Certificate of Insurance is an original copy for the current policy period, issued by and sent from the customer’s insurance company.

The certificate must name “Wizski IP, LLC” or “Fly Over Rentals” as certificate holder.

(NOTE: Fly Over Rentals does not accept certificates that have handwritten information). “Wizski IP, LLC” or “Fly Over Rentals” must be named as Additional Insured with respect to General Liability and Loss Payee with respect to equipment rented from us.

The Named Insured must match the name on the contract, regardless of company ownership. (Example: John Doe owns companies A and B. An insurance certificate that lists company A only as the named insured will not be accepted for company B’s rentals).


Vehicle rental customers are required to provide an additional certificate for Hired/Non- Owned Auto Liability and Hired Auto Physical Damage ($50,000 minimum). Also note that all drivers must be certified, or Fly Over Rentals approved to operate one of our vehicles.

Specifics of the Auto Certificate are the same as for equipment. The standard Damage/Loss Limit Fee applies to all equipment contained within a rented vehicle.